About Us

A.A. Corporation Established since many years. We generations dedicated to natural sheep casings business. THE FINEST IN NATURAL SHEEP CASING Tradition from across the years. Supply from around the world. Quality Sheep casing from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Reliable Supply A. A. Corporation is directly associated with the slaughterhouse. We have an unending supply of quality natural sheep casings. Our supply chain has made us one of the world’s largest suppliers of sheep casings.





  1. A. Corporation is specialized in the processing of animal casings and thus provides the following services:

Desliming – a specialized team of workers are cleaning sheep casings by hand using the traditional bamboo stick method. This is done in completely separated premises due to the strong smell and method of work involved. Akhter         Selection – From the washing and opening of the original sheep casing to grading of quality and calibrating.   SP_A0534       Measurement – The final product is measured manually into hanks of various lengths and strands according to the requirements of the customers. Slide 6         Salting – Using food grade, vacuum salt, wet salted       Slide 7


Storage – Storing in cold room. Sheep Casing requires to be stored at temperature of 4oC. Slide 8

Packaging – Plastic barrels for food grade